Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Penny For My Thoughts

2010! I cant even believe its already here. Last year went by so fast. It seems like once you have children the time just passes by like wind. Sergio will be 10 this year! Holy Cow!!!!!! TEN! Cienna turns 2 next month and Sage 1 in May.
With everything the way it is right now in the world its hard to tell what this year will bring us but I'm only looking towards positive and exciting things. Since my last post I have started eating somewhat healthier not at all like i wanted to but I'm getting there, slowly but surely. LOL I applied for a job went through two interviews and a bikini audition. But it looks like luck wasn't on my side that day as I have not heard whether or not i did or did not get it. The way I see it is I tried I did my best and i think i got pretty darn far for someone who has no experience and going up against about 40 people who do have experience. I am just going to keep looking. I'm hoping that this year I can FINALLY take some courses come summertime. Again..POSITIVE THINKING!
Today I am making a few doctors appointments for myself... which to me is a good thing because I feel I am making the necessary steps towards my "healthy" goals.

Bryan is working right now, which is always a blessing but we never know what each day brings us so hopefully it keeps coming is all i ask for.

Sergio came home from his dads on Sunday with pink eye. He cant go back to school until tomorrow. Cienna and Sage still have runny noses but it is getting better.

I am sooooo excited to do our taxes this year... we have one more child to add, the first time home buyer credit, and a few other things. Unfortunately we are still waiting for a couple more W-2's. Those things never seem to come when you want them to. But I'm still counting down til they do..LOL

Until next time...........

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