Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Travel Time

Since last post we have been all over the Western United States...LOL Well not completely but it sure feels like it.

Memorial day weekend we got a WILD hair I mean very WILD hair up our asses and drove 14 hours to Sweet Home, OR to visit Bryans Brother Mark. It is so beautiful there. And it was a complete surprise to them. Im sure they didnt like waking up at 3 am to a phone call that says come to your front door but it was fun to surprise them and see them since it had been a year. Mason has grown so much and him and Cienna had a blast playing together. Other then Cienna getting sick. When we got home on Monday at 9 pm she was so unhappy. She had a fever and very very lethargic. The next day I ended up taking her to the ER where they told me it was a viral infection.. Those are always fun! It took a couple days and she bouncing back to normal.

Wednesday, June 2 was Sergio's last day of 4th grade! He came home with 3 C's, one B and one A. Not a bad report card but i know he has it in him to do better. A few months ago we had decided to go on a family trip but at this point we weren't sure if we should go with Cienna getting over her infection and all. We got news that Bryan had no work for the next 2 days so we decided to change it up. We went to Southern California instead of Northern and took the kids to Knott's Berry Farm. After driving to and from Oregon the previos week that drive felt literally like a breeze. LOL The kids loved it. I did not think we would last all day long, open to close, in that place but we did and all the kids did a fantastic job. Cienna of course loves the merry-go-round. She cant get enough of the horses and Sergio well he finally got over the fear of roller coasters or at least it seems that way. At the end of the day Bryan got him on one and then I did and he said " I wish I would have done that sooner, I wanna go again" LOL It makes my day to see my kids have so much fun. Tat trip was sp much fun. I love being in the car driving places with my family as it makes me feel like I am carving things in the path of life. Memories and traditions

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

UPDATES... they are so over rated, hehe

Wow... I really need to keep up on this....

Here is an update on what the last 2 months have been like:

Bryan & I, Bryan has been trying to keep busy with work. Yes it hard but we are getting through it. He was extremely busy up until May 1 but that was due to the tax credit for buying house that ended on April 30th. Now its hit or miss but we are making it. We both have been trying to stay active, working out, going on walks, eating right ( which is the hard part LOL ). I have been doing research on going back to school for my CNA ( to start ) so I can eventually find a job. I want it so bad. I tend to get down on myself for being almost 30 and not have done this sooner, but the way I see it is its never too late to go back to school, Right?

Sergio, He only has the rest of this week and 2 days left of school and then he is out for summer. This school year has flown by. With all the struggles we've had I think it will end very nicely and things will work out. There is so much he wants to do this summer and I hope we can get to do most if not all of it. He has been expressing to me that he wants to go back to his old school but we haven't really gone over it much. It wont be an easy decision, we as a family would need to discuss it and we would have to run it by his dad to see if he is ok with it too... (Booo) He has really got into the BMX thing and can not stop talking about it. All he ever does is ask about parts to buy or places to go... it definately gets old but its nice to see him so excited.

Cienna, We have entered the Terribles! I am a firm believer that there isn't terrible two's... It is a whole era of its own. Starts at 2, goes all the way through 3 and ends at the beginning to mid age of 4. LOL She has gotten these fits down and all I keep telling myself is to ignore them, dont give in or they will keep coming everytime she doesnt get what she wants. I think she is getting mollars still so that definately makes her crabby. I swear though, you let her play outside and put water in the mix and she is GOLDEN... Life couldnt be better. I keep trying to remember Sergio at 2 but all i can recall is his TERRIBLE 3's ( thats what i called them ) and even then I cant remember fits like what Cienna throws. It has got be a girl thing and this mommy is not having it. LOL

Sage, Well what else can I say about the baby of the Family other then she is developing character beyond belief. She definately lets ya know what she does and doesn't want and if likes or doesn't like it. She turned 1 on May 21st. I can not believe how fast that year went by, excuse me FLEW BY. She has been pulling her self up on furniture for some time now so Im sure it will be no time at all before she is walking. And then I'll be in for it. LOL Chasing her and Cienna around. I can see it now both going in different directions and Sergio lauging at me trying to get them both. hahaha.

Other news, My brother & sister-in-law welcomed their first beautiful baby girl, Taylor into the world on May 11th... Im an auntie again! So exciting. I miss that newborn age... it was definately the easiest. not fun but easy, hahahaha. Congrats to Bart & Rachel!

Until next time everyone... and like I'm sure I've previously stated I will try to keep up on blogging...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Own Change

Ok, so this week was the beginning for me. The time changed and that was definately something to get used to and still is. I feel so drained. And every year this happens I get exhausted.

I also started walking every evening. Its not very far but its definately a start. I walk for 20-30 minutes around my neighborhood twice. And it really feels good. Bryan has been working really, extremely long hours this week. so between 5pm and 6pm I have been walking. Load the girls in the stroller and Sergio rides his bike and we just walk. Cienna loves it and I think looks forward to it in a way. She is aware when I say "Let's go for a walk" she goes and gets her cup and a snack and gets in the stroller. It is so cute.

I also signed up for the Southern Nevada Susan G Komen Race For The Cure walk on May 1st. And I honestly am soooo excited. Its only a 5k but its really got me motivated. Im already looking forward to next years race and raising awarness and funds for research. It just makes me feel good. My mom is doing it with me and I just can not wait. I fell like not only telling everyone to do it with me butmaking them. LOL

So the weather is nice, it feels like Spring and good good things are starting.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


And thats just it! I cant believe I even did it.

After picking up Sergio from his dads, I started making dinner. Just an easy throw together meal. Cienna loves hot dogs. So i cooked some of those and french fries. I had been craving a nice green salad, so of course I made one of those. I also grabbed some Italian sausages from the store earlier so i thoguth i would just throw them in some beer and cook them up. They had ben cooking for awhile and all nice and brown on the outside. I have never ever cooked anything wrong or bad. If anything i have been known to over cook something. Sergio was ready to eat so I told him "hot dog right?" He normally does not eat what we want so I figured he would go with the easier and just have a hot dog... NOPE! He wanted a sausage... Sure! SO here i am thinking its great he wants something different. He makes his own plate getss all the fix ins he wants, I go to tell Bryan "Let's eat" I come back in, make my own plate, take one bit and look at Bryan... The damn sausages werent done all the way! I look at Sergio to tell him to STOP! His is gone! GREAT!... I cook the rest till they are almost burnt. Sergio is going on and on about how good it was. We tried to tell him they werent done and that he would probably get sick. We all watched some tv and hung out. I of course end up on toilet first... and decide im going to bed early! Then right when everyone else is heading to bed Sergio comes to me and says " Mom, Im gonna throw up". I told him go to the bathroom. I got him some water rubbed his back. Meantime Bryan put Cienna to bed and got in bed himself. Sergio tried to go to the bathroom as well, no luck. I tucked him in, got him a bowl ( just in case ) and walked out. I only made it to my bedroom door.

Poor boy, stopped him in his tracks... he froze.couldnt even make it to the bathroom... I ran back to help him to the toilet and by that time he was done. He wanted to take a bath and brush his teeth, so i drew up the bath for him and started towards cleaning the carpet. Bryan by this point has gotten up in his underwear. Grabs a baby blanket of one of the girls and says he's got this! LOL No, no he doesnt. For those who dont know my husband has a weak stomach especially when it comes to throw up. He tied the blanket around his face & head to block out the smell but it didnt help. I couldnt help but laugh watching him try. I got it all cleaned up, and then carpet cleaned the carpet and Bryan grabbed the Febreze for the smell... LOL

I can not believe I made my son sick. That has never happened to me. I have never undercooked anything before. I felt so terrible all night and even today. Sergio kept apologizing to me for getting sick on the carpet and I dont understand why he felt he had to apologize... Im the one who did it! Needless to say we WILL NOT be having sausage in our house for awhile...


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cienna is 2!

Sunday Feb 21st was a little bittersweet. I couldnt believe that two years ago that day I was having Cienna. Time has just flown by us so fast. She is so smart. It amazing how something so little can piece things together the way that they do and remember sooo much!

I remember when it finally sank in that i was having a girl... I cried! I did NOT want to have a girl. I felt like boys is what i knew what i could handle and be good at, but all in all being a mom is all that matters whether its to a girl or a boy. It is the hardest but most rewarding "job" a person could ever be.

Happy Birthday baby girl!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Me and my babies! Oh how they grow so fast! I cant believe Sergio will be turning 10... T-E-N, this year. Whew! Cienna will be 2 next sunday and Sage will be 1 in 3 months... and they are all "mama's" babies... well with exception of Cienna... she is a daddys girl all around! LOL

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Penny For My Thoughts

2010! I cant even believe its already here. Last year went by so fast. It seems like once you have children the time just passes by like wind. Sergio will be 10 this year! Holy Cow!!!!!! TEN! Cienna turns 2 next month and Sage 1 in May.
With everything the way it is right now in the world its hard to tell what this year will bring us but I'm only looking towards positive and exciting things. Since my last post I have started eating somewhat healthier not at all like i wanted to but I'm getting there, slowly but surely. LOL I applied for a job went through two interviews and a bikini audition. But it looks like luck wasn't on my side that day as I have not heard whether or not i did or did not get it. The way I see it is I tried I did my best and i think i got pretty darn far for someone who has no experience and going up against about 40 people who do have experience. I am just going to keep looking. I'm hoping that this year I can FINALLY take some courses come summertime. Again..POSITIVE THINKING!
Today I am making a few doctors appointments for myself... which to me is a good thing because I feel I am making the necessary steps towards my "healthy" goals.

Bryan is working right now, which is always a blessing but we never know what each day brings us so hopefully it keeps coming is all i ask for.

Sergio came home from his dads on Sunday with pink eye. He cant go back to school until tomorrow. Cienna and Sage still have runny noses but it is getting better.

I am sooooo excited to do our taxes this year... we have one more child to add, the first time home buyer credit, and a few other things. Unfortunately we are still waiting for a couple more W-2's. Those things never seem to come when you want them to. But I'm still counting down til they do..LOL

Until next time...........