Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Our Story

We met in 2005 and developed a friendship that consists more of going out and having a good time and then started getting closer and learner more about each other in the begining of 2006. By the begining of May we were a couple and it was the start of this wonderful journey we've started. I moved in with Bryan almost right away and then 2 months later my son Sergio moved in with us and started school in our area. We moved away, from Henderson in Feb. 2007 to be closer to my parents since we were spending every weekend with them anyway. Sergio got to go back to his first elementary school and we got settled into our new home. In July 2007, just shortly after being together a year, we found out we were expecting our first child together due in March 2008. All of us, Bryan, myself and Sergio were so ecstatic! Bryan and I had talked about getting married but originally was going to wait until the end of 2008. We decided to get married the morning of August 25th, 2007, called my parents to be there and be our witnesses. By 9pm we were married. It was great just us exchanging vows ad I was glad to be able to have my stepfather give me away. Our family at that point had grown so strong and the love in our home and lives was unbelievable. On Febuary 21st our daughter, Cienna Autumn was born at 10:59 pm. That brings us to the present. She is healthy, strong and beautiful. We are now totally complete. Sergio is the best, most caring big brother so far. Im sure as they both get older they will eventually get on each others nerves but right now things are perfect. Sergio is such a big help to me around the house and he loves holding and kissing her. He has developed his own little baby talk he likes to talk to her in and everyday cant wait to get home from school to see her. So far our life that we have created together and as a family couldnt get any better. It is exactly the way we want it.

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