Monday, November 16, 2009

Catch Up!

WOW! I have completely forgot I even had this blog.... Sometimes life does get ahead of you.... Since my last post entirely too much has happened. We have had trial and triumph. After the birth of Cienna in Febuary. I "attempted to go back to work but that was just not working. I felt she was just too young to be away from and felt a major seperation that was not pleasant. I continued to be a stay-at home mom. And In August, we had a reception party for the celebration of us getting married. Since we had not previously had a big wedding or reception. My parent helped us throw a get together in their backyard. We bbq'd, invited about 70 people, decorated the yard and just had a great time. And it was nice since it ended up being the same week as our one year anniversary. My cousins came from out of town, all of our friends and family were there. Everyone had a great time. About 2 months later, I realized that my little monthly friend had not visited. Bryan had to get a root canal and afterwards, I got him home and went to the pharmacy to get his prescriptions. While i was ther eI decided " What the hell, I'll get a pregnancy test" . And poor Bryan< I came home, gave him his meds, went to the bathroom and came right back out and said Oh My God, Look! He was just as surprised as I was. We were having another baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 2008, We decided to move in with my parents to save money and buy a home come the first of the year. It took a lot longer then we expected. The market was definately a tough one on us. Every house we bid on we either got out bid by a cash buyer or by the time we got our offer ready they had already accepted someone elses. It was tiring... living with your parents, taking care of a one year old, and being pregnant! I went into early labor in the begining of April, maybe end of March. So i was taking medication to stop labor until I was at least 36 weeks along. And finally it was here. 36 weeks! I stopped the medication and was having contractions was dilated to a 4 with no change for about 3 weeks. It was tiring and frustrating. Finally, I went in to the hospital knowing my doctor was there and on his orders "complaining" of contractions. They admitted me and started pitosin to induce labor , got my epidural and within 15 minutes i was ready to go. Dilated to 10 just waiting for the doctor to come back. They turned off the Pitosin until he was there so i wouldnt feel the urge to push. My mom, Bryan and Scott were all there. Dr. Paul arrived, they turned the Pitosin back on and he said" Ok, push when your ready". I pushed once, the babys head was out alreayd crying. I pushed once more and there she was. Another beautiful baby girl. I never made a noise. The nurses even said they thought it was the easiest, quitest labor they had ever seen. LOL. And honestly, it was my easiet delivery by far. Never felt anything, was more ready then ever. Sage Alivia was born on May 21, 2009 at 5:37 pm 6lbs. 9oz. 18 inches long. She was my biggest baby, both Sergio and Cienna were the same exact size 5lbs. 8oz.

After getting home and back to some sort of routine. We started viewing houses again, with a new realtor. The hard work had finally payed off early July. We had found, bid and got accepted on a house. Single story, 4 bedrooms plus a den, already landscaped yard. EVERYTHING that made us happy. We closed on our new home 2 days after my 28th birthday. We did some work before moving in. My step-dad and Bryan painted the entire house, we got the carpets cleaned, dusted and moved in August 17th! We have so much we want to do to the house and slowly but surely we will get there!

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