Thursday, March 11, 2010


And thats just it! I cant believe I even did it.

After picking up Sergio from his dads, I started making dinner. Just an easy throw together meal. Cienna loves hot dogs. So i cooked some of those and french fries. I had been craving a nice green salad, so of course I made one of those. I also grabbed some Italian sausages from the store earlier so i thoguth i would just throw them in some beer and cook them up. They had ben cooking for awhile and all nice and brown on the outside. I have never ever cooked anything wrong or bad. If anything i have been known to over cook something. Sergio was ready to eat so I told him "hot dog right?" He normally does not eat what we want so I figured he would go with the easier and just have a hot dog... NOPE! He wanted a sausage... Sure! SO here i am thinking its great he wants something different. He makes his own plate getss all the fix ins he wants, I go to tell Bryan "Let's eat" I come back in, make my own plate, take one bit and look at Bryan... The damn sausages werent done all the way! I look at Sergio to tell him to STOP! His is gone! GREAT!... I cook the rest till they are almost burnt. Sergio is going on and on about how good it was. We tried to tell him they werent done and that he would probably get sick. We all watched some tv and hung out. I of course end up on toilet first... and decide im going to bed early! Then right when everyone else is heading to bed Sergio comes to me and says " Mom, Im gonna throw up". I told him go to the bathroom. I got him some water rubbed his back. Meantime Bryan put Cienna to bed and got in bed himself. Sergio tried to go to the bathroom as well, no luck. I tucked him in, got him a bowl ( just in case ) and walked out. I only made it to my bedroom door.

Poor boy, stopped him in his tracks... he froze.couldnt even make it to the bathroom... I ran back to help him to the toilet and by that time he was done. He wanted to take a bath and brush his teeth, so i drew up the bath for him and started towards cleaning the carpet. Bryan by this point has gotten up in his underwear. Grabs a baby blanket of one of the girls and says he's got this! LOL No, no he doesnt. For those who dont know my husband has a weak stomach especially when it comes to throw up. He tied the blanket around his face & head to block out the smell but it didnt help. I couldnt help but laugh watching him try. I got it all cleaned up, and then carpet cleaned the carpet and Bryan grabbed the Febreze for the smell... LOL

I can not believe I made my son sick. That has never happened to me. I have never undercooked anything before. I felt so terrible all night and even today. Sergio kept apologizing to me for getting sick on the carpet and I dont understand why he felt he had to apologize... Im the one who did it! Needless to say we WILL NOT be having sausage in our house for awhile...


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