Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Own Change

Ok, so this week was the beginning for me. The time changed and that was definately something to get used to and still is. I feel so drained. And every year this happens I get exhausted.

I also started walking every evening. Its not very far but its definately a start. I walk for 20-30 minutes around my neighborhood twice. And it really feels good. Bryan has been working really, extremely long hours this week. so between 5pm and 6pm I have been walking. Load the girls in the stroller and Sergio rides his bike and we just walk. Cienna loves it and I think looks forward to it in a way. She is aware when I say "Let's go for a walk" she goes and gets her cup and a snack and gets in the stroller. It is so cute.

I also signed up for the Southern Nevada Susan G Komen Race For The Cure walk on May 1st. And I honestly am soooo excited. Its only a 5k but its really got me motivated. Im already looking forward to next years race and raising awarness and funds for research. It just makes me feel good. My mom is doing it with me and I just can not wait. I fell like not only telling everyone to do it with me butmaking them. LOL

So the weather is nice, it feels like Spring and good good things are starting.

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