Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Travel Time

Since last post we have been all over the Western United States...LOL Well not completely but it sure feels like it.

Memorial day weekend we got a WILD hair I mean very WILD hair up our asses and drove 14 hours to Sweet Home, OR to visit Bryans Brother Mark. It is so beautiful there. And it was a complete surprise to them. Im sure they didnt like waking up at 3 am to a phone call that says come to your front door but it was fun to surprise them and see them since it had been a year. Mason has grown so much and him and Cienna had a blast playing together. Other then Cienna getting sick. When we got home on Monday at 9 pm she was so unhappy. She had a fever and very very lethargic. The next day I ended up taking her to the ER where they told me it was a viral infection.. Those are always fun! It took a couple days and she bouncing back to normal.

Wednesday, June 2 was Sergio's last day of 4th grade! He came home with 3 C's, one B and one A. Not a bad report card but i know he has it in him to do better. A few months ago we had decided to go on a family trip but at this point we weren't sure if we should go with Cienna getting over her infection and all. We got news that Bryan had no work for the next 2 days so we decided to change it up. We went to Southern California instead of Northern and took the kids to Knott's Berry Farm. After driving to and from Oregon the previos week that drive felt literally like a breeze. LOL The kids loved it. I did not think we would last all day long, open to close, in that place but we did and all the kids did a fantastic job. Cienna of course loves the merry-go-round. She cant get enough of the horses and Sergio well he finally got over the fear of roller coasters or at least it seems that way. At the end of the day Bryan got him on one and then I did and he said " I wish I would have done that sooner, I wanna go again" LOL It makes my day to see my kids have so much fun. Tat trip was sp much fun. I love being in the car driving places with my family as it makes me feel like I am carving things in the path of life. Memories and traditions

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Married with Iz said...

You guys are brave to do all that driving with your little ones!! I'd love to get in the car with my family and go on a road trip adventure, but it intimidates me!