Tuesday, May 25, 2010

UPDATES... they are so over rated, hehe

Wow... I really need to keep up on this....

Here is an update on what the last 2 months have been like:

Bryan & I, Bryan has been trying to keep busy with work. Yes it hard but we are getting through it. He was extremely busy up until May 1 but that was due to the tax credit for buying house that ended on April 30th. Now its hit or miss but we are making it. We both have been trying to stay active, working out, going on walks, eating right ( which is the hard part LOL ). I have been doing research on going back to school for my CNA ( to start ) so I can eventually find a job. I want it so bad. I tend to get down on myself for being almost 30 and not have done this sooner, but the way I see it is its never too late to go back to school, Right?

Sergio, He only has the rest of this week and 2 days left of school and then he is out for summer. This school year has flown by. With all the struggles we've had I think it will end very nicely and things will work out. There is so much he wants to do this summer and I hope we can get to do most if not all of it. He has been expressing to me that he wants to go back to his old school but we haven't really gone over it much. It wont be an easy decision, we as a family would need to discuss it and we would have to run it by his dad to see if he is ok with it too... (Booo) He has really got into the BMX thing and can not stop talking about it. All he ever does is ask about parts to buy or places to go... it definately gets old but its nice to see him so excited.

Cienna, We have entered the Terribles! I am a firm believer that there isn't terrible two's... It is a whole era of its own. Starts at 2, goes all the way through 3 and ends at the beginning to mid age of 4. LOL She has gotten these fits down and all I keep telling myself is to ignore them, dont give in or they will keep coming everytime she doesnt get what she wants. I think she is getting mollars still so that definately makes her crabby. I swear though, you let her play outside and put water in the mix and she is GOLDEN... Life couldnt be better. I keep trying to remember Sergio at 2 but all i can recall is his TERRIBLE 3's ( thats what i called them ) and even then I cant remember fits like what Cienna throws. It has got be a girl thing and this mommy is not having it. LOL

Sage, Well what else can I say about the baby of the Family other then she is developing character beyond belief. She definately lets ya know what she does and doesn't want and if likes or doesn't like it. She turned 1 on May 21st. I can not believe how fast that year went by, excuse me FLEW BY. She has been pulling her self up on furniture for some time now so Im sure it will be no time at all before she is walking. And then I'll be in for it. LOL Chasing her and Cienna around. I can see it now both going in different directions and Sergio lauging at me trying to get them both. hahaha.

Other news, My brother & sister-in-law welcomed their first beautiful baby girl, Taylor into the world on May 11th... Im an auntie again! So exciting. I miss that newborn age... it was definately the easiest. not fun but easy, hahahaha. Congrats to Bart & Rachel!

Until next time everyone... and like I'm sure I've previously stated I will try to keep up on blogging...

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